PumpPB.com is back, and so is the Tightstick!

Welcome, friends old and new! PumpPB is officially reincarnated, hopefully to deliver a growing stable of products aimed at the pump paintball market. The site will look barebones for a while as we work on it; this hasty launch is in support of the re-introduction of the now-(in)famous PumpPB Tightstick barrel by Lapco!

It has been five years since the original Tightstick was introduced as a versatile .681 bore, 14″ barrel, and for this second run we added .684 bore and 16″ length variations. This run has seen tremendous initial interest from the local paintball community. We are already running low! We did want to make sure to send a few units out to the wider community and to gauge interest for a possible additional run of barrels.

Note that backorders are preorders for the next run of barrels, ETA 1-2 months. For US orders, any in-stock items will be shipped immediately with backordered items shipping when they are available. For international orders, the whole order will be held until it is available due to shipping costs, contact us if you would like to arrange for a split shipment.

An advisory: We will be out of town from May 9 – May 17, and no shipments will happen during that time. Order soon if you want it shipped before then!

Without further ado, order Tightsticks here! We also would like feedback on what people are looking for in barrels these days, so feel free to contact us.

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